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Massage bamboo broom (code R62)


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Massage bamboo broom (code R62)


This massage brush creates vibrations that relieves stress and tension in the muscles, helping to unblock the channels of acupuncture and it helps the organs to detoxify by stimulating the lymphatic system, restores vitality. 

This product is widely used in saunas and massage. It is used on all sides of the body to stimulate blood circulation and make users feel comfortable and relaxed.  

Manufacturer: China


Type: Massage device.

Size ( L x D): 57 x 3 cm.

Material: Bamboo.


The bamboo broom may seem exotic, but at the same time it is "magical", its health benefits being known for centuries. The unique resonance effect, produced by a bamboo brush does not stop at the surface of the muscle layer it moves throughout the body. If it's used after Qi Gong or Yoga, the effect is much stronger.  

Reusable and long-lasting, can be used without specialized training, can be used before and after showering, perfect in the sauna, steam bath or bath in the tub with essential oils. 


When you massage with this brush, there may be some sensitivity to some of the points, but there should be no pain.Try to use your wrist when you beat it and keep a steady pace.  

Repeat three times on each side of the body.  

The broom should not be shared with someone else, each of the family members must have his own broom.

Because it is a natural product, some rods may be unequal as dimension. If it is used very often, it should be replaced every 6 months.   

Sessions should last for 30 min. 

Massage benefits:

- relieve muscle tension

- improves blood circulation-improving skin and muscle litheness

- stimulates the acupressure points to relieve cramps

- relax a supra-psycho-emotional burden, reducing everyday stress can be used with aromatic oils.  


Store in a dry place, away from the dust and clean.

For safety reasons must be kept away from children.  


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Massage bamboo broom (code R62)

Massage bamboo broom (code R62)

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