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High negative pressure vacuum cupping (code V03)


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High negative pressure vacuum cupping (code V03)


Suction cups are a modern development, based on traditional suction cups. It produces the effect of traditional methods and eliminates some disadvantages.

Each piece from the set is practically unbreakable, safe and suitable for both clincal and family use.

Manufacturer: China.


Type: Suction cups.

Dimensions (diameter x height):
6,5 cm x 8,5 cm x 2 pcs.
5,5 cm x 8 cm x 2 pcs.
4,5 cm x 8 cm x 4 pcs.
3,5 cm x 8 cm x 4 pcs.
Packaging: 12 pcs./set.
Material: Plastic.
Durable, resistant, easy to use, multifunctional, easy to adjust when applied and easy to detach. 
The sheer of the cup allows you to see clearly when the skin becomes red, thus controlling the effects and the optimal time needed.
Without using fire, there is no danger of burning the skin and the negative pressure from the cup can be adjusted to the status of each patient by using the pump.
1 pc. connecting tube - length 70 cm.
1 pc. manual pump.
8 magnets 2000 – 2500 Gauss (both polarities: 4 pieces – positive; 4 pieces – negative).
Magnets act subcutaneous at a depth of 12 mm.
They not penetrate the skin, just pressure the acupoints.

The manual pump connects directly to the cup or through connector tube. Manually use the pump, thus creating a vacuum inside the suction cup.
The rubber tube connector can be used if you wish to apply the suction cups on areas hard to reach on your body.

To release the tension of suction lift the rod located on the top of the cup.
This tools are not intended to diagnose, treat, heal or prevent any disease.
These must be used only by specialised personnel and only under medical supervision.
Keep out of reach of children!

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High negative pressure vacuum cupping (code V03)

High negative pressure vacuum cupping (code V03)

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