5 mm magnets- 960 GAUSS (code A15) Maximize

5 mm magnets - 960 GAUSS (code A15)


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5 mm magnets - 960 GAUSS (code A15)

The beneficial effect of magnets is known since ancient times. Approximately 3000 years ago, the Chinese discovered the magnet's ability to indicate the north, thus inventing the compass.
Also in China it was discovered the fact that magnets have a beneficial effect on various diseases, thus becoming a very popular remedy.
Manufacturer: China.
Type: Magnets.
Dimension: Diameter 5 mm.
Weight: 1 g.


Magnets emits a constant pressure and a concentrated magnetic flux of 960 Gauss.


The magnets are applied to the body using a patch, giving continuous effect at the shoulders, arms or legs whenever is applied.


Do not use magnets or electro-devices if you have a pace-maker, defibrillator or during pregnancy.
Medical evaluation is recommended at any time.
Any type of self-help is responssability of user.
The magnets can delete computer data.
Sinotcm do not allege or imply any medical claim regarding the products from this online catalogue or any sold item.

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5 mm magnets - 960 GAUSS (code A15)

5 mm magnets - 960 GAUSS (code A15)

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