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Quartz crystal roller for facial massage (code R83)


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Quartz crystal roller for facial massage (code R83)


The quartz crystal roller is used to alleviate dark circles around the eyes and reduce wrinkles and puffiness. The smooth roller of a larger size helps to release stress from the forehead, cheeks, neck and jaw, improves circulation, skin elasticity and stimulates tired muscles to improve tone. These effects are more profound when it is used the nicked roller.

Manufacturer: China


Type: massage roller

Dimensions (L x w): ~ 14 x 6 cm.

Material: quartz

Packing: 1 piece

Special features

There are many types of quartz, under that name being classified an entire category of crystals, such as Quartz Hyaline (colorless Quartz-Pebble).

Health: This crystal activates, transmits and amplifies energy, stimulate cerebral activity, reduces pain, fever, amplifies the self-healing energies, beneficial in case of headaches, teeth aches, improving blood circulation. 

Product functions:

Improves circulation = reduces swelling, dark circles and wrinkles.

Increases lymphatic flow, helps detoxification and drainage.

Stimulates acupuncture points and reflex zones on the body or face.

Use around the lips, the temples, under the eyes to reduce dark circles and puffiness, to remove blocked sinuses and nose.



This tools are not intended to diagnose, treat, heal or prevent any disease. These must be used only by specialised personnel and only under medical supervision.

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Quartz crystal roller for facial massage (code R83)

Quartz crystal roller for facial massage (code R83)

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