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Food grade silicone cups for facial massage (code V13)

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Food grade silicone cups for facial massage (code V13)


Based on Chinese suction cupping massage, these silicone cups are specially designed for the face or small, curved areas on the body, providing revitalization and skin-cleansing.

Facial cups are excellent for precise applications to small areas of the body, featuring a tall design with strong suction. Primarily used for facial massage for deep-cleansing and firming skin around neck and jaw.

Manufacturer: China.


Type: Suction cups.

Dimensions (outer/inner diameter x height): 3,8/2 x 8 cm.

Material: Food grade silicone.

Packaging: 1 piece.


Low toxicity, odorless, low chemical reactivity, with massage oils and skin products.

Non-shattering (pliable), watertight.

Hygienic - does not support bacterial growth.

Translucent material allows observation of skin during suction massage.


By squeezing the facial cup, you expel some of the air inside. Upon loosening your grip on the cup, a powerful vacuum is created as the cup tries to draw the missing air back in. When placed against the skin, the suction draws the flesh upwards, resulting in a negative pressure massage as the cup moves across the face.

Moving method (suggested): apply cleanser, cream, nourishing oil, or simply soap and water to skin and drag cup around in lines or circles.

Spot method: Apply the cup to one spot at a time without moving it. The longer the cup is left there, the greater the stimulation, but also reddening. To lessen marks on face, remove cup from spot after a few seconds.

Vacuum massage procedure should not cause any unpleasant sensations and doesn't have to be painful.

Recommended procedure duration is 5 - 15 minutes. 

Use 2-3 times a week for best results.


Do not leave cup in one spot for too long to avoid “cup kiss” marks on skin.

Never use the cups on dry skin.

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Food grade silicone cups for facial massage (code V13)

Food grade silicone cups for facial massage (code V13)

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