Set of jade facial massage roller (code R35) Maximize

Set of jade facial massage roller (code R35)


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Set of jade facial massage roller (code R35)


For centuries, jade rollers were used in China as a daily routine to keep the skin youthfull. Cool jade closes the pores and stretches the skin.

The soothing and harmonious vibration of jade balances our entirely body. This stone strengthens kidneys, heart, circulatory system and nervous system.

Manufacturer: China.
Type: Jade roller.
Large roller dimension:~ 14 cm.
Small roller dimension: ~ 8 cm.
Material: Jade.
Color: Natural.
Packaging: 2 pcs./set..
Natural stone.
Small roller for facial massage (mostly around the eyes).
Roller with two heads for body massage, neck, etc.
The color of the stone varies from product to product due to manual processing of the stone.

The smaller roller is used to alleviate dark circles around the eyes and reduce wrinkles and puffiness.
The large roller helps to release stress from the forehead, cheeks, neck and jaw, improves circulation, skin elasticity and stimulates tired muscles, strengthens the immune system.

Product functions: 

Improves circulation, reduces swelling, dark circles and wrinkles.
Increases lymphatic flow, helps detoxification and drainage.
Stimulates acupuncture points and reflex zones on the body or face.
Cold, the jade stone has a calming effect on the nervous system.


This tools are not intended to diagnose, treat, heal or prevent any disease.

These must be used only by specialised personnel and only under medical supervision.

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Set of jade facial massage roller (code R35)

Set of jade facial massage roller (code R35)

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