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Gua sha volcanic stone - denticulate fish shape (code R70)


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Gua sha volcanic stone - denticulate fish shape (code R70)

Denticulate fish shaped volcanic stone used mainly in the gua sha technique.

The technique of this treatement is based on theories of the traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture points, Chinese Massage, scraping.


Manufacturer: China


Type: gua sha stone

Dimensions (L x w): 14 x 4 cm.

Material: volcanic stone

Color: black

Special characteristics

The stone dredges the human body's channels, improves the body's microcirculation, eliminates heat and poisons in human body and removes unnecessary fats.

Volcanic stone therapy can improve the immunity, strengthen the body's constitution and facilitates disease-prevention prior to treatment.

The volcanic stone can be heated before use.


1. Place stones in water and heat to approximately 52 °C.

2. Stone heater takes 30-45 minutes to reach desired temperature.

Gua sha is applied primarily on the back, neck, shoulders, buttocks and limbs. Advanced practitioners can use Sha on chest and abdomen.
Scraping effect:

1) Analgesic headache, neck, shoulder, waist, leg, rheumatic pain, abdominal pain, stomach pain, neuralgia, is the best way, quick effect;
2) Strengthens immune function repeated fatigue, neurasthenia, dizziness, low blood pressure, low resistance caused by prolonged cold, fever, etc. Appealing to scraping, improves overall health.
3) Improve appearance, skin health: new replaces the old. To strengthen the facial cells, nutrients and to rapidly hydrate to prevent skin aging.
4) Adjust the endocrine gland.
5) Shu Meridians: heal injuries made the meridians and the energy begins to flow.
6) Adjust power, activate cells, eliminate toxins: is scraping the surface of the skin and tissue so that blood circulation will be stimulated to restore metabolic activity.

7) Improves function of internal organs.


How to use:
1. In order to apply this technique, lubricate the area with oil. If you do not have Gua Sha oil, you can use Red Flower, Tiger balm, or other oils for external use.
2. Hold the Gua Sha stone at an angle of 35 degrees and scrape off softly in one direction.
If the skin has moles, cuts or unhealed wounds, cover it with your fingers. Do not apply Gua Sha on this areas. 

1) In case of malignant tumors, ulcers, fractures, breast and belly area - do not apply scraping;
2) Do not apply scraping if you suffer from diabetes, heart disease, hemophilia, hepatitis.

3) Pregnant women are advised not to make scraping or apply gentle scraping;

4) Do not make scraping during menstruation.

5) Don't apply scraping after eating;
These tools are not intended to diagnose, treat, heal or prevent any disease. These must be used only by specialised personnel and only under medical supervision.


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Gua sha volcanic stone - denticulate fish shape (code R70)

Gua sha volcanic stone - denticulate fish shape (code R70)

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