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Three Legged Frog (code F16)


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Three Legged Frog (code F16)

The Money Frog is a believed to have the ability to draw big money. He is ready to jump into your home bringing in lots of wealth!

Legend of the Money Frog “Chan Chu” or the Three Legged Frog is one of the most recognized symbols for attracting wealth and abundance. In homes it is placed by the front door or on a desk.  In places of business he is often found near cash registers, reception desks, and managers offices.

Place this Money Frog in the wealth sector or upper left hand corner of your home, living room or office to magnify your windfall luck and enhance the income of the residents. Compass School correct would place it in the South East.

Dimensions (L x w): 12 x 7 cm.

Material: Brass.

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Three Legged Frog (code F16)

Three Legged Frog (code F16)

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