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Feet sauna (code R78)


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Feet sauna (code R78)

The feet sauna comprise a barrel made of cedar wood, negative ion vapor machine and a wooden foot board with rollers.

Cedar wood has antibacterial and anti-corrosive properties, helps on having a good sleep by inducing a drowsy feeling. Negative ions also have antibacterial effects that prevents cross contamination when different persons use the same apparatus.

The herbs help treat kidney disease, clear internal poison, clear liver heat, disperse phlegm, balance blood and treat joint swelling, decongests blood vessels and meridians, promoting blood circulation. The rollers on the feet board stimulates reflex points enhancing the detoxification of internal organs.

Herbs are directly absorbed by the skin. The skin absorbs better with higher humidity. The steam helps the herbs to penetrate, to be circulated and distributed through blood to all parts of the body. The concentration of medicine is more effectively absorbed and utilized. This route reaches target organs faster than orally ingesting medications, produces fewer side effects and less damage to liver, kidney and stomach.


After you connected to power the steam heater, and the rubber tubes to the barrel of cedar wood:

- Put water into the container (steam heater) at water mark;

- Put a bag of herbal, or sliced ginger, or other herbal into the white herbal box;

- Set up the foot board on the top of herbal box;

- Turn the power on, adjust the temperature, and set the timer to about 40 minutes (up or down depending on requirement) on the steam heater.

- Sit down and put the legs into the barrel and the sauna & massage therapy starts. During therapy  you can move the feet forwards and backwards crossing on the foot board.

- Turn the power off when the time ends.

For personal need you have to clean the barrel and the foot board after a couple of utilizations. If you use it for patients you have to clean it after each utilization.

Dimensions: height - 60 cm (+/- 4 cm.).

                     diameter (top) - 42 cm.

                     diameter (bottom) - 35,5 cm.

                     wood thickness of the barrel - 1,5 cm.

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Feet sauna (code R78)

Feet sauna (code R78)

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