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Jade pillow cover, 66 stones (code R94)


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Jade pillow cover, 66 stones (code R94)


Pillow cover that can be used at home or on your car seat, or on all kinds of pillows, providing a unique experience of relaxation.

The jade produces an ‘electromagnetic’ field which gives out a type of mild infra-red rays. These rays will stimulate the water molecules in the body tissues to produce a mild massaging effect. In addition, it will promote blood circulation, enhancing the immunity system in the body. The human body is able to absorb and emit infrared rays between 8-10nm with the peak at around 9.4nm. Tests show that special molecular structure of Xiu Jade absorbs the exact range of infrared rays as that emitted by the human body with the peak absorption at 9.9nm. Thus, the jade is most beneficial to the human body.

Jade usage will stimulate the blood pressure points leading to good blood circulation, reducing fatigue, strengthening the body, enhancing the resistance to cancer and the aging process.

Manufacturer: China.


Type: Jade pillow cover.

Dimensions (L x w): 41,5 x 27 cm.


The pillow cover contains 66 jade stones.

It is made from highly resistant materials.


It can be used on any type of chair, at home or in your car or it can be placed on a pillow.

Usage experience

The people’s experience using the jade products has proved that it benefits in reducing headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, and many other diseases. Prolonged usage of the jade even helps in curing hemorrhoids, rheumatism, back pain, constipation and other sicknesses.


Avoid the shocks of any kind.

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Jade pillow cover, 66 stones (code R94)

Jade pillow cover, 66 stones (code R94)

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