Three-edged needles – small (code A08) Maximize

Three-edged needles – small (code A08)


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Three-edged needles – small (code A08)


The three-edged needles are used in cases of stagnation of blood and heat retention (high fever, sore throat, local congestion or swelling); helps the flow of Qi along the collaterals.

Manufacturer: China


Care must be taken to sterilize the needle properly to prevent infection.
When spot-pricking and scattering pricking are conducted, the manipulation must be gentle, shallow and quick. Be careful not to let out too much blood, a few drops is advisable, and never injure the deep big artery.
Dimensions: diameter - 1,5 mm; length - 6,5 cm

Material: surgical steel 

Packaging: 10 pieces/set.

These products should be used only by trained personnel!


It is not suitable for patients with poor health, after an illness, severe anemia, pregnancy or spontaneous bleeding.
Do not test it on yourself or on other person if you do not have good knowledge in the field.
Keep out of reach of children. These are one time use products; reuse is only on your own risk.
SINO is not responsible for the adverse effects that may occur as a result of failure to comply with recommendations.

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Three-edged needles – small (code A08)

Three-edged needles – small (code A08)

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