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Hand Acupuncture Therapy (code C25)


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Hand Acupuncture Therapy (code C25)

The book follows the evolution of acupuncture therapy in the wrist; theories; name and location, and diagnostic information.

Are presented and then eight therapeutic methods and clinical applications in more than one hundred diseases.

Comprises six chapters.

Chapter 1 - Introduction.

Chapter 2 - Theories in therapy of acupuncture to the wrist.

Chapter 3 - Location, name and indications of acupuncture points.

Chapter 4 - Diagnosis by observing the hand.

Chapter 5 - Introduction to acupuncture to the wrist.

Chapter 6 - Clinical application of acupuncture therapy on hand.

The book is edited in english.

Author: Qiao Jinlin.

Publishing house: Foreign Languages Press, 2002.

156 pages.

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Hand Acupuncture Therapy (code C25)

Hand Acupuncture Therapy (code C25)

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