Acupuncture needles with guide tube (code A02) Maximize

Acupuncture needles with guide tube (code A02)

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Acupuncture needles with guide tube (code A02)


Base of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture means “ puncture with a needle”.
According to acupuncture, the body has a network of energy channels through which energy (qi) circulates, each of them having a connection with a physiological system and an organ.  
Fine needles, often as thin as a hair, are used to stimulate energy flow in specific points along these channels, any system or organ which connects with it having benefits.


Type:Silver needles with guide tube
How to use

SINO offers you Tianxie quality needles, made of surgical steel, for one time use, sterile, with guide tube, with a filiform handle and pin.
Needles with guide tube are easy to handle, offering more stability; these needles are generally preferred by students, young practitioners, but also by many famous doctors.

Packaging: 100 pieces/box.
Produced according to European legislation, stamped with the CE mark; Imported and marketed under the Ministry of Public Health Notification.
These products should be used only by trained personnel!

Do not test it on yourself or on other person if you do not have good knowledge in the field.
Keep out of reach of children. These are one time use products; reuse is only on your own risk.
SINO is not responsible for the adverse effects that may occur as a result of failure to comply with recommendations.

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Acupuncture needles with guide tube (code A02)

Acupuncture needles with guide tube (code A02)

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